eTracker Customer Complaint Tracking Software features include:

   Complaint Tracking

  • Complaint management
  • Complaint assignment
  • Complaint categorization
  • Configurable instructions for each complaint category
  • Automated Email notification to assignees
  • File attachments for each complaint
  • Complaint tracking for open date/time, close date/time and resolution date/time
  • Automated follow up emails to assignee for unresolved complaints
  • Ability to schedule follow up emails for a future date
  • Response log provides history of activity on the complaint
  • Track customer retention and assign reason codes when customers are not retained.


  • Pre-defined reports are included
  • Ability to request new reports to fit your specific needs
  • Ability to export reports to csv to share, use with other data sources, or process further
  • New features are added frequently

   Data Management

  • Customer records kept in sync with your records based on an automated periodic update process.
  • Complaint categories fully customizable.
  • Includes tool to define automatic assignment of complaints based on complaint category
  • Role-based users
  • Roles can be modified by the administrators (fully customizable)
  • User roles/rights maintained by you.
  • Self-service password reset.


  • Software can be customized to fit your specific needs