What is eTracker Customer Complaint Tracking Software?

eTracker is a web-based application designed to track customer complaints from the initial call to your customer service representative to the final implementation of a solution. It is designed to allow managers to be able to route specific call types to those responsible to handle those calls while providing flexibility to allow customer service representatives to reassign the complaint if needed.

What will eTracker do to help me manage my customer complaints?

eTracker not only helps manage your customer complaints from start to finish but it also allows you to analyze your calls throughout the year. With the reporting engine you are able to look at your complaint volume to analyze trends and perform root cause analysis.

What does eTracker allow me to track?

eTracker allows you to track the following:

  • Customer calling in the complaint
  • Complaint category
  • Complaint owner (assigned to)
  • Complaint status
  • Resolution status
  • Priority
  • Complaint details
  • Resolution details
  • Complaint date/times: opened, closed, & resolved
  • Response log - shows user activity as complaint is processed
  • Attachments - allows pictures, documents, etc. to be forever tied to the complaint.

What other features does eTracker provide?

All of our product features can be viewed on our features page.